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Our Goal, Mission & Commitment

Building lives one at a time giving hope, sustainability, discovering purpose with realistic goals for a brighter future

Our Vision

Queen Esther Outreach, Inc. (QEOI™) is all about rehabilitating the community as a whole. We want to provide everyone with not only resources but with life skills that will help them maintain a healthy and successful life.

QEOI™ would benefit from an office space that can offer parenting tips, life skills, grief counseling, budgeting, and credit repair classes. Eventually, expand to more and more classes that can help the community build. We want to be able to offer preventative resources such as lowering/eliminate teen pregnancy, untreated mental illness, untreated terminal diseases, abortions, human trafficking, domestic violence, suicide, gun violence, incarceration, school dropouts, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse. As we get a hold on these issues we want to offer the community with opportunities to continue their education, becoming a business and/or home owners.

We currently partner with Pathfinders, World Vision, Renewed Hope, Repairers of the Breach Church, Household of Faith, Deuterony 28 Women, Angeltree Prison Fellowship, Salvation Army, ACH of Fort Worth, The Bridge Adult Day Care, Praise Center Community Church, and Tarrant County Jail Reentry Program. We work as a referral service by informing the community of any services and information the our local agencies (211, Housing Authorities, DHHS etc...) may be offering to the community.

QEOI™ is blessed to have volunteers but are in need of permanent staff to meet the needs of the community. The community is truly in need of the resources and services that QEOI™ is able to provide but we can not do it alone. We need the help and support of those around us to lend a helping hand in the rehabilitation that our community not only needs but deserves. QEOI™ works on donations only, so your support is greatly appreciated.

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