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"Summer Time, Fun Time" Playing it safe.

1. Corona-virus and Travel- Do they mix? Click below and view some tips on traveling with your families during the summer.

2. Pool Safety- 3 rules we should follow:

  1. Test and Teach

  2. Watch and Guard

  3. Have the right equipment

For in depth details on these rules, click the link below for some very helpful tips.

3. 5 Tips on how to prevent Hot Car Deaths- there have been 125 children deaths from vehicular heatstroke in Texas between 1990 and 2018.

  1. Place important items in the backseat

  2. Establish a peace-of-mind plan

  3. Check the car

  4. Lean on Daycare providers

  5. If you see a child in a car alone, Call 911 immediately

Click the link below for full details

4. Your Safe Home: always have Posion Control listed as a part of your emergency contact list. We have listed a few items you want to be causious of in your home, ecspecially younger children:

  • Alcohol

  • Art supplies, such as paints and paint thinner

  • Cleaning supplies, including laundry detergents, oven and toilet bowl cleaners and furniture polish

  • Cosmetics, especially nail polishes and perfumes

  • Deodorant and soap

  • Mouthwash

  • Pesticides

  • Plants (both household and outdoor)

Click the link below for more details and to find your local control center.

5. Zika Virus- this is still a concern for our communties and we have to be informed. For more details of the virus click the link below:

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